Georgina Lodge 2nd Annual Turkey Giveaway/Video

This year Georgina Lodge distributed 300 turkeys, in addition to 2,000 lbs. of potatoes to the needy in our general area. We had lodge members, district members, candidates in waiting and gentlemen who have made or are in the process of making application to join our gentle craft, in attendance to assist in this worthwhile

Ladies Night Christmas Turkey Dinner

Ladies Night Christmas Turkey Dinner Tonight Friday December 14, 2012. C of GP at 5:30PM Lodge opens at 6:00PM for a short meeting, followed by Christmas Turkey Dinner. To add some fun to the evening, we will be having a small competition with the Phoenix Cup on the Line. The contest will be for the


"Freemasonry has endured not because of its antiquity, its influence, or its social standing, but because there have been so many who have lived it. The effectiveness of Masonic teachings will always be the measure by which the outside world judges Freemasonry; the proof of Freemasonry is in our deeds and it is in our

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