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Here are our current officers.

Current Elected and Appointed Officers for 2019 and 2020

Worshipful Master – W. Bro. Vince Mancini

Immediate Past Master – W. Bro. Calin Androne

Senior Warden – Bro. Mark Wilson

Junior Warden – W. Bro. Derek R. Down

Chaplain – R.W. Bro. John Hough

Treasurer – V.W. Bro. Brain Davenport

Secretary – R.W. Bro. George McCowan

Assistant Secretary – W. Bro. Kenneth McCowan

Senior Deacon – Bro. Suresh Melwani

Junior Deacon – Bro. Mario Byll

Director of Ceremonies – W. Bro. P.S.

Senior Steward – Bro. Altan Altinada

Junior Steward – Bro. Jordan Bierman

Organist – V.W.Bro. Mark Drew

Inner Guard – Bro. Erlis Lleshi

Tyler – W. Bro. Femi Adeite

Historian – W. Bro. Timothy Edwards

Auditor – W.Bro. Narvin Ramkissoonsingh

Auditor – W. Bro. Timothy Edwards

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